What does Family mean to you?


Being there

Lending an ear

Being helpful

Never take family for granted

More Love



Tomorrow is Thursday

But it’s our Friday,

A dress casual day,

An order out for lunch day (not my turn to be lunch boss),

A nice long weekend ahead,


It’s Thursday but it’s our Friday!!



I was surprised that no one stopped

Surprised that no one said anything

Surprised that no one was willing to help

He was holding himself up on the walls of the building outside

It was cold, he was not dressed for the weather, his cloths were old and dirty

He looked like he could have been homeless

Does that matter?

No one stopped, no one said anything

My husband walked up to him, asked if he was ok, he was disorientated. My husband asked him to lower himself to the ground before he fell down, as I called 911.

Everyone kept walking by

My husband just talked to him, the man found out I called 911, he got up slowly and stumbled away.

EMS arrived, we told them which way he went.

I’m surprised that no one stopped

Surprised that no one said anything

Surprised that no one was willing to help.


Friday afternoon


I’m excited for the weekend to begin!

I’ll stay up late tonight watching Netflix!

Sleep in on Saturday (I’ll be tired from staying up late Friday night with Netflix)

Playing poker with friends on Saturday night. Believing that I’m going to be the BIG winner!

Sleep in on Sunday (I’ll be tired from staying up late Saturday night playing cards with the gang).

Visiting with family on Sunday.

I’m excited for the weekend to begin!


This is the fast lane

Closer and closer I get to you.

Can’t you see me coming up behind you?

Are you looking in your mirrors?

Do you have eyes? Can you read the signs? “Slower traffic to the right”

I know you can’t hear me, but just so you know, I’m yelling (and I mean YELLING) at you to MOVE OVER

This is the fast lane!



Walk-ins NOT welcome


I wasn’t feeling well, it’s the weekend, what doctor is in? None, so I remembered seeing a commercial about Walgreens Health Clinic. I went on line to find the nearest Walgreens Health Clinic. Oh good, right here in town. I go to the website, there are no appointments available for the date and time you’ve chosen. Walk-ins are always welcome or find available appointments by choosing a different date, time or location. Again, Oh good, walk-ins welcome. So my husband and I get in the car and go. We walk in, I go to the Health Clinic desk, and I ask where I would put my name down for an appointment. The woman says, “Oh I’m sorry, there are no available appointments today” I said “I understand that, the website said walk-ins welcome, so I’m walking in.” No, not today, all appointments are taken, she said. I said “yes, I understand that, but on the website, it says walk-ins welcome” she says “I’m sorry, we are not seeing any more patients today”.

Ok, really? Walk-ins welcome? Seriously Walgreens!

I also tried calling a different one, which said no more appointments available today, but walk-ins are welcome, I then decided to call. Not the case. Walk-ins are not welcome!

I did end up finding one, no it wasn’t a walk-in, it was an actual appointment. I had to wait 4 hours and drive 20 miles, but I was able to get in. When you’re not feeling well, 4 hours feels like months and the drive, oh my gosh, I didn’t think we’d ever get there!

How does Walgreens get away with that? Walk-ins are not welcome is what the website should say! There might be a Walgreens on every corner but you’re not welcome to walk in!