Life passes by fast enough

Driving home, everyone’s always in a hurry, pass this car, go into that lane, speed, rush, rush, rush, yet we meet up again at the next stop light. Where are we all going in such a hurry? Are we late for an appointment? Do we just want to get home? Is it that important? Why are we always in such a hurry?

We’ll all get to where we need to be, no need to rush things.


6 thoughts on “Life passes by fast enough

  1. This is so true! I always mentally congratulate (in the most sarcastic of tones) those drivers that speed around me just to see them screech to a halt at the light 500 feet ahead. Welcome to slicing!


  2. Love this Laurie! As you were describing all the hustle, bustle, and craziness, my heart began beating faster. Where ARE we always going in a hurry? Your questions made me reflect and remind myself to SLOW DOWN! A big message in a few words. Well done!


  3. Man, is that the truth?! It drives me crazy when people fly in and out of the lanes when driving. I’m think to myself, “Ooooh, you made it ahead by one car length – big deal!” Thanks for letting me get that off my chest!! Carry on!


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