MY Favorite time of day

Our little Charlie (our 2 year old Chihuahua) during the week he’s by himself all day, a good 9 hours. I’m sure he sleeps most of the day and if he’s not sleeping he’s checking things out in the neighborhood by looking out the front and back windows. We have a little cushion for the front window so he can jump up on the bay window. He’s a little nosey, has to see what’s going on !

My favorite time of day, is when I walk in from going out or coming home from work. Charlie greets me by the door,(don’t tell my husband) not by jumping all over me, not by barking (saying “hi, I missed you” in doggy language) and not by running around in circles, but he rolls over on his back. His tail is wagging like crazy and he tilts his head looking at me, waiting, and there he lays on his back until I rub his belly. It’s so darn cute! Once I rub his belly he’s up and running for the back door to go out.

My favorite time of day is walking in and seeing Charlie laying on his back with his charlie1tail wagging and his little brown eyes looking for me, just waiting for me to rub his belly!



8 thoughts on “MY Favorite time of day

  1. There’s something about dogs that is so wonderful – I think it’s the unconditional love. My kids don’t come running to the door to greet me no matter how much I do for them but I only let the dog out and feed him and he’s a real happy camper. Glad Charlie makes you so happy!

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