The End is near

7 more days

That’s all I have left


7 more days

Will you miss me?

A day or two perhaps

But not after that


7 more days

My voice will be silent

My fingers will be still


7 more days

I will be sad

And feel bad

7 more days


Big shout out to Kathy for helping with my Slice today


8 thoughts on “The End is near

  1. I had to think a bit to figure out what the 7 days were. (I’m on spring break, so that’s where my head is with days.) I have thought about what happens after Match 31, too. I plan to continue with the Tuesday slices.

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  2. I was surprised to realize there are only 7 days left. When you get up next Wednesday, it will feel like an April Fool’s joke that you don’t HAVE to write. Keep going on Tuesdays. I have come to look forward to Tuesdays, writing my slice and reading the slices of others.

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  3. This is my first time to your blog and you are saying goodbye already. I will try not to be offended! 🙂 Please do consider continuing on Tuesdays. You can have that same warm fuzzy slicing feeling all year long!

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