2 o’clock

Snack Time!

It’s 2 o’clock, time for my afternoon snack

I go into my bag and find my box of crackers.

Simply Balanced, from Target, I love them, they’re the best

I count out my 18 crackers which equals 1 serving, and lock up the rest of the box.

I eat them slowly, breaking some only eating half at a time, it makes them last longer.

Slowly eating my crackers, the crunch and taste of salt keeps me going back for more.

I reach over to grab another without looking, is my hand in the right spot? I thought I just put them all on this napkin. The napkin feels clean.

I turn to look at my napkin, and NO MORE CRACKERS.

What? Where did they all go? I couldn’t have eaten ALL of them already, could I have?

Maybe some fell on the floor. I look, nope, none down there.

Wait, what happen to them? OMG, I want more!

This is why I take out my serving size and lock the rest up for another day!


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