Same question every day

What to have for dinner tonight?

That is the question

I ask myself that question every day,

I usually take something out of the freezer before I leave for work, so it’s thawed by the time I get home.

Today, I didn’t take anything out,

I could take something out when I get home and put it in the microwave to defrost.

But what?

Hamburgers? No, we just had those

Chicken? No, I had chicken twice already this week

Sausage? My husband would love it, but I don’t care for sausage.

Steak? No, we had that this week too,

Pork Chops? Mmm, that’s a possibly

Let’s see, what else? I could make a meat loaf with the hamburger.

There’s always pasta.

I’m tired of thinking about dinner every day. I think all day at work, I don’t want to think when I get home.

Then if I think about picking something up, it’s always the “what do you have a taste for” question, I don’t know, what do you have a taste for?

Salads, burgers, pasta, chicken, beef, it’s everything I have at home already, except someone else gets to make it and clean up the mess instead of me.

What to have for dinner???? That is the questions!


4 thoughts on “Same question every day

  1. I enjoyed your post, partly because it’s so familiar–planning dinner as I drive home from work is a pretty typical thought pattern, but also because this seems like a great kind of post to help students think of ideas to write: what is a typical question in your life? Just asking that question and exploring how one relates to the question seems like such a powerful writing activity. Thank you for sharing!

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