Getting the mail

Getting the mail

After work, the drive home, pulling into the garage and getting all my stuff from my day out of the car, I start heading for the door. Oops, but I still have to get the mail. Do I go in and put everything down first so my hands are free? No, I have to juggle with everything in my hands and arms, as I reach in the mail box trying not to drop my mug, shuffling my papers and bag into one arm, moving my hand back and forth making sure I have all the mail, opening the door, but trying to eye what came in the mail today.

And there it is, I see it. I drop everything on the chair in front of me. The Kohl’s ad with that sticker to peel. Yippy! Now, what kind of percentage will I get this time? 10% off, 20% off or 30%? I remember a few weeks ago I peeled off a 30% off. I thought Whoo hoo!!! Awesome! It’s been a while Kohl’s, and thank you very much.

So the other day, before I peeled back to see my percentage I thought about the 30% off from a few weeks ago that I didn’t even use. What? Didn’t use it you say. I know, but I couldn’t think of anything that I needed. Of course there’s a million things that I want, but I didn’t NEED anything. As I’m peeling, I’m thinking, ok, if I get 30% off again, I’m going to use it!   I will darn it!

Peeling back slowly, seeing some numbers…..and YES 30% off !!! Whoo hoo! That’s awesome! Thinking, ok, when can I go? What do I need? What do I want? (yes, what do I want? I worked hard this week, its treat Laurie day).

Just last week, my husband and I booked our vacation for May so guess what, I’m going to use it for Vacation Clothes!!!

I’ll be heading to Kohl’s Saturday, for Super Saturday at Kohl’s, best prices of the season, and early bird specials. (ok, don’t they say that every weekend?)   Oh, who cares, shopping for Laurie on Saturday with my 30% off coupon!

Thank you Kohl’s!!!


7 thoughts on “Getting the mail

  1. I had to laugh at this post, because that is me to the T. If I get the 15%, I toss it and take my chances at the register. Unfortunately, I only got 20% this go round. Don’t know if I’ll make the trip over. Have fun saving your money this weekend. 🙂


  2. Your specific details are so easy to relate to: the way you juggle the things in your hands instead of making two trips into the house, the way you do drop everything for that most important piece of mail, the way you commit to treating yourself and repeat this commitment over and over (like you’re trying to convince yourself). Love your style!


  3. Sadly, I don’t have a Kohl’s near me. The thing I love best about that store is when I bring something up to the register, I have no earthly idea how much it will actually cost. They have so many sales and discounts that I never hear about. Enjoy your spree. You deserve it!


  4. mrssurridge says:

    It’s so nice that, every once in a while, in among all the junk mail there is a true gem that makes you glad you took the time to stop at the mailbox with your hands full. Enjoy your early bird special.


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