I just don’t get it

Free Starz and Encore weekend.

Today is a great day to stay in watching movies. This weekend Starz and Encore channels and Free! This is their way of trying to get you to purchase these channels. But as I’m going through the channels, it’s all older movies. Look Who’s Talking, Rocky V, 50 First Dates, GoldenEye, Lost in Space, The Holiday, a great classic, that I’m watching now, Die Hard. Love Bruce Willis! One of my movie star husbands!

My thoughts are if they (Direct T.V., Comcast, AT&T) want you to order and pay for Starz, Encore or even HBO and Showtime, why wouldn’t they put on New Releases? I can watch all of these shows right now on regular channels. Sure you have to put up with commercials, but really? I’m going to pay for movie channels that show older movies? I just don’t get it.


4 thoughts on “I just don’t get it

  1. I hate those free weekends for that reason alone! They show great movies all the other time, but that free weekend, they pull all the non-classics out of the vault. It drives me bananas!


  2. I don’t have cable just broadcast TV which has some interesting extra movie channels all the time. Good movies show up especially on the weekends. Cable has to compete with so many other ways of getting TV you would think the movies would be more up-to-date. So I so don’t get it either. 🙂


  3. I love having days where I can watch movies. However, every time I have the time to watch them, nothing ever seems to be on. (And that is why I love my DVR. I cruise the cable guide every now and then to tape movies on might want to watch on one of those somedays…)


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