Mission Accomplished !

Mission accomplished !

My fun shopping day at Kohl’s!

I was able to find more than I thought! When I have the 30% off coupon from Kohl’s I usually can’t find a thing. But not today!

The store was crowded, men, woman, and children everywhere. Shopping together and others (like myself) shopping alone.  I’m sure a lot of folks were out Easter shopping for that perfect Easter  dress or Easter suit with the perfect shoes. Me, I’m vacation shopping! For ME!

I of course had to not only visit the clothing section, but housewares, bedding, purses, shoes, nic nacks. I was in the woman’s section the longest. I don’t think I’ve ever had such good luck. Every time I passed a rack or table, I thought, oh, I like that, oh yes, that too! Seems like my color this year is pink. Everything I was picking up had or was pink. I guess I seem to have a color each year, last year it was lilac or purple. This year, pink!

Checking out, the lines were long, like they are during Christmas, but everyone was patient!

So I purchased everything plus, that I wanted and now I get to go back and spend my Kohl’s CASH!

Great day at Kohl’s!


3 thoughts on “Mission Accomplished !

  1. I love it when shopping days go like that! I usually find everything I want when I get the perfect parking place. Superstitious, I guess. I know you’re looking forward to your vacation!!!!


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