Slow down

Slow down

Spell check, Grammar check, Proof read,

What’s the hurry?

Spell Check is available on almost all programs, along with Grammar checks…and Proof reading only takes a minute.

Rush, Rush, Rush,

I’m ashamed to say, I’m talking about myself. I’m not the best with my grammar to begin with and here I am, rush, rush, rushing.

Typing “there” instead of “their” or “they’re” or “to” instead of “too” or “two.” I’m typing what I’m thinking. I know that “There at the park, is They’re at the park” and I know that “the to of them, is the two of them”. I’m rushing and not thinking it should be this way or that way.

Lately I haven’t Spell Check, Grammar Check or Proof Read my Slices before hitting send. Am I getting lazy? Excited that the month is almost done? Half the time my IPad is doing auto correcting, and I don’t even know it. It’s funny, because as I hit send and as I watch the hour glass go round and round I’m reading what I sent, then all of a sudden, I’m screaming NNNOOOOOOO! I’m hitting the escape key a million times hoping that it will stop sending, but nope, it’s too late, already out there! Then I feel awful, and have to reply to my reply with the correction. Or just leave it and hope no one catches it. lol

With only having one slice a week after March is over, I will try my hardest to be more conscious of what I’m sending.

I apologize for my grammar mistakes!


3 thoughts on “Slow down

  1. We all have become so dependent on our electronic “checks.” Why is it that we proofread after we hit send? I do that way too often. I felt your pain as you said you try to pull back the message, but to no avail. Slow down – that’s good advice and applies to so many things, not just writing! Cute slice!


  2. I am so guilty of this! I’ve typed half of these on my cell phone so I know I’ve made plenty of errors. I hate going back and ready because I find things I scanned over when publishing. I can picture the pounding on the keyboard to try to stop the email!


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