Spring has sprung

Watching my sons dog for a few days

I volunteered to go over to my sons Saturday and Sunday to watch his dog Jack. Jack is 6 months old and just so adorable! He’s a Goldendoodle, he really is such a good dog!  My folks usually take Jack on the days my son works his 12 hour shifts, but they went to Georgia to visit with my older brother and his family for the month of April, so Jack being only 6 months old, he’s too young to be on his own for that long.

So I volunteered to go over to the house this past weekend, he has someone else who’s also helping him out this month. I went over to the house twice on Saturday and twice on Sunday for a few hours each day. The weather was so nice this weekend, a little windy on Saturday but a perfect weekend, weather wise. I took Jack for a few nice long walks each day, he loves prancing around the neighborhood! The fresh air and walks were good for both of us!

Jack S (2)

It was so nice to walk outside and see all the kids playing outside, riding their bikes, playing in the park, laughing, playing catch. It was just so refreshing! Spring has sprung!


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