Don Smith

I went to urgent care with my husband last night, I forced him to go, he hasn’t been feeling well since last Friday, he’s coughing so hard it sounds like a lung is coming up, that kind of cough, his throat is killing him. So in we go, it’s already 6:30 when we get to the desk. The woman tells us to fill out the form and also informed us that there’s a 2 to 2 ½ hour wait. EEEK

We were told to have a seat in the waiting area and someone would be with us shortly. As we waited in the waiting area a nurse would pop her head out of the doors occasionally looking for the next patient. Everyone looks up as she comes through the doors hoping to hear their name called. “Jane Doe, is there a Jane Doe here?” All of our heads drop. Darn it! Someone finally gets up, she must be Jane Doe.

20 minutes goes by, the door opens and the nurse pops her head out again, everyone praying please call my name, please, please, please…….Don Smith, Don Smith… one gets up….Don Smith, is there a Don Smith? I looked at my husband John and said “do you want to be Don Smith today? Come on let’s do it”. Then of course Don Smith gets up. (Or was it Don Smith?)

As we sat waiting, I looked around the room, there were only about 8 others in the room. Probably about 4 waiting to see the doctor. I start to wonder, why are they here? What’s wrong with them? They don’t look sick? Oh no, their coughing, they should be wearing a mask. I hope I don’t get what they have. Don’t touch anything, keep your hands away from your face!

The nurse pops her head out again, yeah she called John…..whoo hoo!!! Let’s go! She takes his vitals, asks him questions, takes a swab and tells us we need to go back and wait in the waiting area, she’s only helping out the doctor because they’re so far behind. So by the time we see the doctor, the results for the strep will be ready.

Back out we go, the waiting area only has 2 others, so we’re getting there, we’re both exhausted, exhausted from waiting.

Finally we get called back again! Only to wait in a smaller room, we listen to all the commotion going on outside the room. It sounds like we’re at a hockey game, so much commotion! Anyway after 2 hours and 20 minutes, the doctor comes in. All test results are negative, which is good news and bad. Good because who wants to be sick? Bad news, I waited all this time for what???? He does have a virial infection thing going on so it’s something that has to run its course. I do feel better (even though I wasn’t the one sick) knowing that it’s going to run its course. John’s not happy because he waited 2 hours and 20 minutes to be told what? It’s viral, it has to run its course. It will be a cold day in (you know where) before he listens to me and goes to urgent care again. Of course we could have been home a lot sooner if he would have pretended to be Don Smith!


4 thoughts on “Don Smith

  1. I love your title!!! I struggle with titles all the time and this one is just perfect for your slice! I flew through reading this – it was just so well written. Like a little story about a sick man named John, and Don…:-)


  2. What a cute story! Gotta love our men who refuse to see the doctor. You’ll have to tell him to go more often so they know him by name and then he won’t have to wait so long. 🙂
    Thanks so much for sharing!


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