I picked, I went, and we ate


I’m the Boss of lunch duty for the week. I have to answer phones for the week, attend to any quests that may come in, easy job for the week right? Wrong! Monday through Thursday is a breeze, but when it comes to Friday, it is up to me “Lunch Boss” to pick a place to eat. I have to pick the place, get everyone’s order, get money from everyone, call in the order, go pick it up, give everyone their change and then finally EAT!

The hardest part of being Lunch Boss, is Friday, picking a place to go eat. I feel so much pressure and anxiety, where to go? What does everyone have a taste for? (I know, I’m boss, so it’s what I want, right?) Will everyone like the place I go? Will they get the order right? Will it be quick? Do they have a good menu? Will the order be ready when I get there? So many decisions as Lunch Boss. So, for that reason, I usually go to the same place when it’s my turn to be Lunch Boss, Potbelly’s! Every 4th week, it’s my turn. If I keep it the same, there’s no worries or anxiety for me on Friday’s. There isn’t a week that goes by that anyone complains, I just have that anxiety about pleasing everyone.

Friday mornings when it’s my week the ladies are putting together their orders in their minds before I even tell them where I’m going, because it’s the same place each time. I know everyone likes it, they always get our order right, I can order on line, easy, convenient and they have a great selection to choose from!

Today, I stepped outside the box! That’s right! Shocked everyone! Even myself. Today we had Los Burritos Lokos! Taco day! Well, I had a taco anyway, along with Chips and Salsa! It was DEEEE-lish! We all enjoyed our Mexican lunch today!

Lunch Boss was good this week, for some reason, the anxiety wasn’t there today! I picked, I went, and we ate!


8 thoughts on “I picked, I went, and we ate

  1. I completely understand your anxiety for lunch boss! I feel like we go through that all the time in our family! Maybe I will make family members rotate on who is the boss of the meal! Now, that is a GREAT idea! It sure would help the stress!!


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