Netflix is my poison. When I start watching a series, I can’t stop, I’m addicted, and I admit it.

Johnny doesn’t care for some (most) of the shows that I watch, he’s more into the History Channel, watching the Car shows, the Axe men, Gold Rush, and Deadliest Catch.

On the weekend I have a serious problem, I wait for Johnny to go to bed and bam, I change the TV to Netflix and I watch and watch and watch. I’m up until 2 and 3 in the morning. My poison for this month is Nurse Jackie. After watching about 3 episodes in a row, Netflix will put up a message on the screen “are you still watching?” Of course I am, I start to panic, my breathing gets heavier as I have to scramble for the Ruko remote to hit continue. Not that I’m miss anything, I mean the program is paused, waiting for me to hit continue, but my anxiety kicks in like the TV is going to turn off if I don’t hit continue. Nurse Jackie has 7 seasons on Netflix, and each season has about 12 episodes. I’m on season 6 right now.

My first Netflix Marathon was Sons of Anarchy, it was sooo good! It didn’t stop there (not in any particular order) I watched Orange is the New Black, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Longmire, The Killing, House of Cards, Jessica Jones, and Making a Murderer. House of Cards came out with season 4 with 14 episodes last week and I can’t wait to start watching. I want to finish Nurse Jackie first.

The Walking Dead, oh my gosh, it’s really good! I love the story behind it. Right now, I’m watching Season 6 on regular TV, every Sunday night, the problem with that is, there are commercials, and I have to wait all week to find out what happens next week. I could of course record The Walking Dead, watch it the next day and fast forward through the commercials, but I like to watch it as it’s happening due to all the talk about it that same night and the next day on social media.

I love my weekend Marathons!


5 thoughts on “Marathon

  1. JulieK says:

    Netflix is my addiction too. I had started to write a post on the series I have watched since becoming addicted last spring. I am glad I am not the only one.


  2. The “are you still watching” message from Netflix always makes me laugh. I literally tell the TV”YES! Of course I’m still watching. and YES it is Gossip Girl”. And then I think like you do… uh oh I’ve been watching for quite a while. I do love it because so many friends are able to watch the same shows in a short time- making for great recommendations and conversations. Enjoy your binge watching!


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