Love you too

Imagine this: You’re speaking to someone on the phone who you work with. Someone you work with, but not side by side, someone like a vendor or a substitute.  You go through your conversation and at the end, she says Thank you, you say You’re Welcome, then before you hang up, she says “love you.”

She ended the call with “love you” so my automatic response was “love you too.”

Everyone’s chairs turn toward me, I can feel everyone’s eye on me, and they all knew I wasn’t talking to my husband.  I can hear a pin drop in the office. It didn’t take long before everyone burst into laughter.

Then it starts, Laurie, what did you say? Laurie, who was that? Laurie, who do you love? (Personally, I think a few of them were jealous).

The words just flowed out of my mouth. I couldn’t stop them once they started. It’s something I say to my loved ones, of course, it’s not something I say to people I really don’t know. Someone who hasn’t even bought me dinner yet, (ok, I’m kidding about that).

To make it up to my coworkers I went out and bought chocolate bars for everyone with the message “I love you” on them,  I want everyone to feel the love!

Love Laurie


7 thoughts on “Love you too

  1. Oh my God!! I laughed so hard, I had to keep wiping the tears from my eyes so I could read this to my daughter. So incredibly funny……and so well written. I can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow…….Thanks for making my day!!

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