I love that we share things


What’s yours is mine¸ what’s mine is mine. We share everything, We share our day with each other, we share our thoughts, we share our feelings, you share your money. (lol)

There is one thing I wish you wouldn’t share with me. Your germs!


Get up and dance Thursday


I know I talked about music yesterday, it so happens one of my coworkers, came in this morning telling us about her favorite song, “My House” by Flo Rida. She played it for us. A very catchy song, our toes start tapping, and before you know it, we’re all chair dancing, and singing the only words we know to the song, “My House”.

I then played one of my all-time favorite songs, “Good to Be Alive” by Andy Grammer. Love that song! As we’re all chair dancing and rocking to the music Angela says it’s “Get up and dance Thursday” when any one of us hears one of our favorite songs on the radio today, we need to turn it up and everyone has to get up and dance. Get up and dance Thursday!

Around 10:00 this morning, I hear my song playing “Good to Be Alive” by Andy Grammer. I look around to my coworkers, one is on the phone, and the others are working hard on projects. So I turn it up, Good to Be Alive Right About Now, woo hoo! Everyone’s feet are tapping, we’re all moving around in our chairs, and Angela says “GET UP AND DANCE THRUSDAY”

Everyone gets up, Kathy who was still on the phone, stood up, (kept her phone conversation going) put her arms in the air swaying back and forth and danced not missing a beat! We all joined in and rocked the song, well, there was one who didn’t get up (I won’t mention names, Diana) she was rocking it in her chair…..but that’s ok, we’ll get her up next time!

When you hear your favorite song today, Get up and Dance!

What you’re about to read is true, I’ve changed some names to protect the innocent.


I love listening to the radio, at work, in my car, at home. While at work sometimes we talk about the different songs and artists when their song is on. A few months back John Legend came out with his new song, “All of Me”. All your perfect imperfections, Give your all to me, I’ll give my all to you.

What a beautiful song!

One day at work the song came on and I said to Cher, a coworker, Johnny always sings this to me. Cher said “oh, that’s so sweet”.

A few weeks went by, the song came on and Cher said “I told my husband, Sonny last night that John sings this song to you all the time”.

Well, I about lost it.

Not my Johnny, Cher!!!! hahaha John Legend, I guess I should have made that clear. My Johnny doesn’t sing anything, not even Happy Birthday, he’s not a singer, AT ALL! Lol!

Can’t even picture my Johnny singing “Give your all to me” lol



Love you too

Imagine this: You’re speaking to someone on the phone who you work with. Someone you work with, but not side by side, someone like a vendor or a substitute.  You go through your conversation and at the end, she says Thank you, you say You’re Welcome, then before you hang up, she says “love you.”

She ended the call with “love you” so my automatic response was “love you too.”

Everyone’s chairs turn toward me, I can feel everyone’s eye on me, and they all knew I wasn’t talking to my husband.  I can hear a pin drop in the office. It didn’t take long before everyone burst into laughter.

Then it starts, Laurie, what did you say? Laurie, who was that? Laurie, who do you love? (Personally, I think a few of them were jealous).

The words just flowed out of my mouth. I couldn’t stop them once they started. It’s something I say to my loved ones, of course, it’s not something I say to people I really don’t know. Someone who hasn’t even bought me dinner yet, (ok, I’m kidding about that).

To make it up to my coworkers I went out and bought chocolate bars for everyone with the message “I love you” on them,  I want everyone to feel the love!

Love Laurie



Netflix is my poison. When I start watching a series, I can’t stop, I’m addicted, and I admit it.

Johnny doesn’t care for some (most) of the shows that I watch, he’s more into the History Channel, watching the Car shows, the Axe men, Gold Rush, and Deadliest Catch.

On the weekend I have a serious problem, I wait for Johnny to go to bed and bam, I change the TV to Netflix and I watch and watch and watch. I’m up until 2 and 3 in the morning. My poison for this month is Nurse Jackie. After watching about 3 episodes in a row, Netflix will put up a message on the screen “are you still watching?” Of course I am, I start to panic, my breathing gets heavier as I have to scramble for the Ruko remote to hit continue. Not that I’m miss anything, I mean the program is paused, waiting for me to hit continue, but my anxiety kicks in like the TV is going to turn off if I don’t hit continue. Nurse Jackie has 7 seasons on Netflix, and each season has about 12 episodes. I’m on season 6 right now.

My first Netflix Marathon was Sons of Anarchy, it was sooo good! It didn’t stop there (not in any particular order) I watched Orange is the New Black, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Longmire, The Killing, House of Cards, Jessica Jones, and Making a Murderer. House of Cards came out with season 4 with 14 episodes last week and I can’t wait to start watching. I want to finish Nurse Jackie first.

The Walking Dead, oh my gosh, it’s really good! I love the story behind it. Right now, I’m watching Season 6 on regular TV, every Sunday night, the problem with that is, there are commercials, and I have to wait all week to find out what happens next week. I could of course record The Walking Dead, watch it the next day and fast forward through the commercials, but I like to watch it as it’s happening due to all the talk about it that same night and the next day on social media.

I love my weekend Marathons!

I picked, I went, and we ate


I’m the Boss of lunch duty for the week. I have to answer phones for the week, attend to any quests that may come in, easy job for the week right? Wrong! Monday through Thursday is a breeze, but when it comes to Friday, it is up to me “Lunch Boss” to pick a place to eat. I have to pick the place, get everyone’s order, get money from everyone, call in the order, go pick it up, give everyone their change and then finally EAT!

The hardest part of being Lunch Boss, is Friday, picking a place to go eat. I feel so much pressure and anxiety, where to go? What does everyone have a taste for? (I know, I’m boss, so it’s what I want, right?) Will everyone like the place I go? Will they get the order right? Will it be quick? Do they have a good menu? Will the order be ready when I get there? So many decisions as Lunch Boss. So, for that reason, I usually go to the same place when it’s my turn to be Lunch Boss, Potbelly’s! Every 4th week, it’s my turn. If I keep it the same, there’s no worries or anxiety for me on Friday’s. There isn’t a week that goes by that anyone complains, I just have that anxiety about pleasing everyone.

Friday mornings when it’s my week the ladies are putting together their orders in their minds before I even tell them where I’m going, because it’s the same place each time. I know everyone likes it, they always get our order right, I can order on line, easy, convenient and they have a great selection to choose from!

Today, I stepped outside the box! That’s right! Shocked everyone! Even myself. Today we had Los Burritos Lokos! Taco day! Well, I had a taco anyway, along with Chips and Salsa! It was DEEEE-lish! We all enjoyed our Mexican lunch today!

Lunch Boss was good this week, for some reason, the anxiety wasn’t there today! I picked, I went, and we ate!

Don Smith

I went to urgent care with my husband last night, I forced him to go, he hasn’t been feeling well since last Friday, he’s coughing so hard it sounds like a lung is coming up, that kind of cough, his throat is killing him. So in we go, it’s already 6:30 when we get to the desk. The woman tells us to fill out the form and also informed us that there’s a 2 to 2 ½ hour wait. EEEK

We were told to have a seat in the waiting area and someone would be with us shortly. As we waited in the waiting area a nurse would pop her head out of the doors occasionally looking for the next patient. Everyone looks up as she comes through the doors hoping to hear their name called. “Jane Doe, is there a Jane Doe here?” All of our heads drop. Darn it! Someone finally gets up, she must be Jane Doe.

20 minutes goes by, the door opens and the nurse pops her head out again, everyone praying please call my name, please, please, please…….Don Smith, Don Smith…..no one gets up….Don Smith, is there a Don Smith? I looked at my husband John and said “do you want to be Don Smith today? Come on let’s do it”. Then of course Don Smith gets up. (Or was it Don Smith?)

As we sat waiting, I looked around the room, there were only about 8 others in the room. Probably about 4 waiting to see the doctor. I start to wonder, why are they here? What’s wrong with them? They don’t look sick? Oh no, their coughing, they should be wearing a mask. I hope I don’t get what they have. Don’t touch anything, keep your hands away from your face!

The nurse pops her head out again, yeah she called John…..whoo hoo!!! Let’s go! She takes his vitals, asks him questions, takes a swab and tells us we need to go back and wait in the waiting area, she’s only helping out the doctor because they’re so far behind. So by the time we see the doctor, the results for the strep will be ready.

Back out we go, the waiting area only has 2 others, so we’re getting there, we’re both exhausted, exhausted from waiting.

Finally we get called back again! Only to wait in a smaller room, we listen to all the commotion going on outside the room. It sounds like we’re at a hockey game, so much commotion! Anyway after 2 hours and 20 minutes, the doctor comes in. All test results are negative, which is good news and bad. Good because who wants to be sick? Bad news, I waited all this time for what???? He does have a virial infection thing going on so it’s something that has to run its course. I do feel better (even though I wasn’t the one sick) knowing that it’s going to run its course. John’s not happy because he waited 2 hours and 20 minutes to be told what? It’s viral, it has to run its course. It will be a cold day in (you know where) before he listens to me and goes to urgent care again. Of course we could have been home a lot sooner if he would have pretended to be Don Smith!